Sizing your home for Ventilation

Planning a new MVHR Ventilation installations

system for your home? Here are some things to consider;

As homes become better insulated, the requirement for proper ventilation has never been more important. If you a building your home, you will have to install a ventilation system, to comply with latest building regulations.

It is important that you understand what you are investing in when installing your ventilation system. It is one of the most important investments you will make, not only from a health aspect, but also from a “total cost of ownership” aspect in terms of its ability to supply clean air without allowing the home to lose heat.

Just being compliant and buy to tick the box could result in you having a system that is not fit for purpose.

Consider the following before you purchase a system for your home:

  1. The system you select must be able to deliver 80% efficiency and it needs to be able to do this while running at less than 75% of maximum output. Anything more than this on a continuous basis will result in a stressed system. You engineer can determine the space size that you need to ventilate for.
  2. System location, ducting type, duct connection types, duct insulation and length of ducting all affect the performance of your system. As your ventilation system is installed during 1st fix, most of it will be hidden from view in a live environment. Therefore, you need to know what to inspect during 1st fix.
  3. Reputation and Installed base. The ventilation marketplace is still relatively new for domestic customers in Ireland. Chose a proven system that can be backed up with live case studies in your local area. With over 500 ventilation installations in Galway, Mayo, Rsocommon and beyond, we are experienced in all aspects of ventilation.
  4. Some of our clients have chosen to work with independent consultants on their ventilation. We have worked with a number of independent consultants and they are familiar with our products, our installation service and the performance of our machines.
  5. Replacement Parts – with any ventilation system, there are filters that will need to be replaced on an annual basis to maintain optimum performance. We supply and service all our installations and replacement filters can be received within 24 hours.

If you would like a quote for your ventilation system, please call us today.