Professional Ventilation Costs Less

If you are having a ventilation system installed in your home, you must have confidence that it will work for you, save you money and provide you with fresh air at all times.

It is estimated that we spend up to 70% of our time indoors. It is vital that we have fresh air.

The pursuit of excellent insulation with no draughts has resulted in a spike in poor air quality. A properly installed, ventilation system is a must. This ensure that fresh air is delivered into the living air and stale air is removed.

Selecting the properly sized system for your home is important. However, selecting the best team to complete the jobs is equally important. Poor workmanship can have a detrimental effect on performance and air quality, poorly insulated ducting can lead to dampness and moulding. The problem for most home owners is that the never see the ducting and the dampness will only begin to appear over time.

Here are some images of the work we do behind the scenes. Fully insulated ducting, properly laid, in straight lines with minimal disruption, ensure that the syste, which is also situated in a position for best performance will continue to function for main year, maintenance free. Note: Filter changes are required – We will notify you when it is time to consider changing.

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