Positive Input Ventilation

Combat Mould And Condensation In Your Home With Positive Input Ventilation

Poor ventilation causes streaming windows, musty odours, dampness, condensation, mould growth and excessive carbon dioxide in the home – it is also the biggest cause of heat loss condensation

The AXCO range of Positive Input Ventilation Systems are sophisticated whole home ventilation and condensation control units designed to combat these problems by gently ventilating the home from a central position on the landing in a house or the central hallway in a bungalow or apartment. These home ventilation systems are Energy efficient as the units introduce a subtle air supply throughout the house to transform a stagnant, stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy, condensation free environment.

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Expert advice, fitting and tidiness of works carried out
R. Cheung
Staff are friendly and easy to deal with and very quick at getting the job done
A. King
Roscam, Galway
Clear explanation of system, efficient and the installation team were extremely professional and helpful
S. Kitt
Scregg West, Galway

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