Choosing the best MVHR system for your home

Choosing the best MVHR system for your home

Your MVHR (Mechancial Ventilation Heat Recovery) system choice will have a bearing on your living environment for many years after installation. Choosing the right system is important. While price does matter, there should be other considerations for you such as feature, quality, install process and back up and support.

Sean Gavin Electrical Ltd have been installing systems for over 12 years and have completed over 1000 installations in that time. We have also encountered many other system being installed as part of our Electrical and Central Vacuum business.

Here are the main discussion points:


Fan controlVolume flow constant (fan curve has a vertical drop at maximum output level).

The ventilation rate will not change over time and the system will not dis-balance.

InsulationWell insulated, thermal bridge-fee housing. You can see the difference to cheaper systems when you compare the BEAM certification data.
Humidity controlThe BEAM Systems uses a heat exchanger that prevents such over-dehumidification as they recover heat and moisture.
FiltersThe BEAM pollen filters used in the air intake will filter out finer dust, pollen and pollution, which keeps the house and ductwork clean.
ControlsAs part of the commissioning process, our technicians will take you through the controlas and variables available to you

Quality products – the BEAM MVHR systems are built to last

Generally, the capacity of your MVHR system should be big enough to cover the nominal ventilation rate and have at least 30% additional capacity. Ideally, the MVHR System should run at 60-65% of its maximum capacity to work efficiently. If the system is running on higher output levels, this will increase the noise and energy use over-proportionally.