Beam Central Vacuum Systems – New Home Build

Sean Gavin is the Agent for Beam Central Vacuum Systems & Ventilation covering Galway, Roscommon & Mayo. If you are planning your new build, factor in a Central Vacuum System from Beam. Here’s why…

  1. Cleaner Air – All the air and dust particles vacuumed by your system, leave the home and are extracted to the main vacuum unit in your garage or utility room.
  2. Easier movement in the home. Each room contained a vacuum duct and hoover point. All you have to move is the hose, which is lightweight and durable.
  3. Superior Cleaning Quality. The motor provided with a beam central vacuum system is much larger and more powerful than your traditional vacuum system. As transportation of the unit is not necessary, more power and suction can be achieved.
  4. Less noise pollution in your home. It can effectively be silent vacuuming. In most homes, a vacuum system in the home means that very little else can be heard. With a Beam Central vacuum system, you can carry on conversations as normal.
  5. Makes kitchen sweeping a doddle – Your kitchen / living room gets the most traffic and probably generates the most in terms of waste materials. The KickSweep system from beam makes kitchen sweeping so easy. No more pan and brush for a start!

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