Registered Electrical Contractor

New home installations, refurbishment works, extensions, mobility adaptations, garages, sheds, farm, buildings

RECI Approved Electrical Contractor for Commercial and Domestic Installations

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Provide continues clean, fresh filtered air and will help reduce further energy bills that’s BUILT-IN FRESHNESS.

Turn your Home into energy efficient

Beam Vacuum Central System

Built – in Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum System for New Homes

Commercial Solutions

Offices, Hotels, Churches , Nursing Homes

Central Vacuum and Ventilation Solutions

Axco HERU MVHR Model 130 S

MVHR, Mechanical Extract/MEV, Positive Input/PIV

Ventilation Solutions for Homes in Ireland

Registered Electrical Contractor

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery


Commercial Central Vacuum Systems

Residential Central Vacuum Systems

Sean Gavin is a registered Electrical Contractor based in Newbridge, Co. Galway. We have worked on domestic electrical installations in Galway, Roscommon, Mayo, Dublin Westmeath, Sligo and Clare.

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Our Ultra Energy Efficient Axco Mechanical Ventilation Systems when integrated into your home provide continues clean, fresh filtered air and will help reduce further energy bills that’s BUILT-IN FRESHNESS.

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We offer commercial Central Vacuum solutions for general housekeeping in offices, guest houses, nursing homes, schools, churches, hotels,showrooms,shops and all aspects of industry throughout Ireland.

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Our range of vacuum systems, provide built in convenience for new build and existing homes. Our market leading Beam Vacuum Systems by Electrolux are more advanced, powerful convenient, hygienic than any other vacuum cleaning systems, that’s BUILT-IN CONVENIENCE.

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Turn your Dream home into an Energy - Efficient home with a Beam Heat Recovery Ventilation System...

We have a wide range of MVHR systems available to suit every life style, house type & budget including Counterflow and Rotar technology, and PassivHaus approved.

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WhatWillACentralVacuumDoForMeWhat will a BEAM Central
Vacuum do for me?

Vacuum cleaning is an essential part of modern living, but portable vacuum cleaners tend to be awkward.
A BEAM central vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is the most powerful, most convenient, and easiest way to clean your home. A BEAM central vacuum system provides you with:

  • A clean you can trust
  • Lightweight control
  • The quiet way to clean
  • A healthier home

A short one-minute Infomercial from Beam Vacuum & Ventilation, summing up why homeowners in Ireland and UK love a Beam Central Vacuum System. Powerful, healthy and durable vacuuming, it has to be Beam for built-in brilliance©!

Watch this short video below...
Which Beam is right for me?

John Kilroy

Sean, Thanks for the high standard of work carried out by yourself and the rest of the team and i found all your lads a pleasure  to work with, very professional and cooperative. Please pass on my regards to rest of the lads and nod doubt I might have cause ye some...
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Paul O’Flynn Carnmore

Hi Sean, I am extremely happy with the system you put in.  Very quickly I went from windows dripping with condensation every morning to clear windows.  I believe this will cure the mould problem I had once and for all. The work you carried out is very neat and of a...
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Why Ventilate Your Home?

MVHR_why-ventilate-image-house-iFor many years, homes in UK and Ireland have been ventilated via natural air infiltration. The result of this has been high energy consumption for space heating which account 50% of the energy used within dwelling).
Effective energy efficient ventilation is now an essential element in the design and installation of all buildings which ar constructed as airtight as possible with the highest level of insulation, all the benefit of enhancing the u-value of the finished building and reducing the energy consumption.